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If you introduce your family to a new partner or two at the same time as you come out as poly, your family is likely to focus all of their negative feelings on your partner(s).For example, let’s say Suzi is planning on coming out as poly to her mom.Tell your close friends you may need to call them or text them for help after your conversations with your family.Consider working with a therapist who can help you stay grounded through the whole process.We’ve still got a lot of work to do to make it safer for trans folks, but that’s another post.If you come out today as poly, there’s a high likelihood that your family members will respond negatively, but you’ve decided it’s worth it.On the other hand, you’re afraid being judged or even losing important family relationships.

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"So are you guys in an equilateral triangle, or are you more of a V?

The last 20 years of activism and courage from the LGBTQ community has led to more acceptance.

Today when a person comes out as gay, lesbian or bi to their parents or relatives, they’re more likely to receive a neutral or positive response.

She’ll get to know Grace and perhaps enjoy her company.

Then when Suzi comes out as Poly at New Year’s, her mom will already know and like Grace.

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