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If it's critical that the person doesn't want it cashed before a certain date, don't deposit it - banks make mistakes. I've seen it tons of times where a post dated cheque clears early.

It is an agreement but banks do want to catch it and not process it.

There are chances for the payee to makie a mistake and deposit the cheque (like batch deposit), but it is the bank's job to catch such a transaction. 2) It is NOT fraudulent to write a post dated cheque.

If it was, then why is the DATE section on the date.

If the cheque is deposited by a business, however, it might be in a batch of cheques and the date would be missed.

If it is deposited in a machine the date isn't looked at at all, except for staledate.

I would assume this is done via pro forma declaration, which would be a permanent reversal though, not a wait till the date reversal.

Thank the bank when they only charge you a - NSF fee. Technically the bank IS liable for clearing the cheque before the date.

~CThe stale date is the main purpose of the dating of the cheque.I have personally had a bank account in Austria and my parents have bank accounts in the UK and Germany and I have read through the FSTs for each of them and they all have it in some form.I have also just dug up my old Financial Service Terms for an account I had with Fleet Bank of Boston a few years ago but couldn't find anything in regards to post-dating cheques in it.Thank the bank when they only charge you a - NSF fee.From the Canadian Payments Association (of which every major bank is a member) website: What happens if a post-dated cheque is accepted and processed to my account before the due date?

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