Postcard dating guide

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An 'H' was added if the card was printed using the ‘Art Colortone Method’ also called "linen" cards.

Several smaller series of postcards were printed at the same time as the main series of cards. 'RC' Cards 1912– 19251912 RC1 – RC3601913 RC361 – RC18001914 RC1801 – RC45001915 RC4501 – RC66801916 RC6681 – RC88421917 RC8843 – RC101931918 RC10194 – RC105661919 RC10567 – RC123181920192119221923 RC12637 – RC141751924 RC14176 – RC145281925 RC14529 – RC14804If you have trouble reading this posting, a PDF file of the same information is also available here.Reports printed from the Teich Archives database may show other alpha characters (X, Y, Z) after the number which usually indicates it has been computer cataloged under more than one subject heading. The company used the number of the card and then a '-' followed by the year:1929–19301929 1-29 – 6262-291930 1-30 – 2934-30In the middle of the “-30” series, the numbering system was again changed.A letter would denote the decade (A=1930s, B=1940s, C=1950s, D=1960s, E=1970s), and the number before the letter would indicate the year within that decade.The production dates were not recorded by the company at this time, but from copyright dates found on some of the cards, it has been determined that these cards were produced between 19.The next card series began with either 'A' or 'R'* and were numbered from 1–124180.

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