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The “democracies” of the ancient city-states of Greece also had this problem.

While going quite far towards popular constraints on governments, they excluded women and slaves from their assemblies.

Most rural Indians, especially females, do not wear shoes and, when footwear is necessary, prefer sandals.

The modes of dress of tribal Indians are exceedingly varied and can be, as among certain Naga groups, quite ornate.

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As Uday Singh Mehta argues in Liberalism and Empire, Mill viewed white colonies as “of similar civilisation to the ruling country, capable of representative government: Such as the British possessions in America and Australia”.

Democracy is integral to this nation and is in our culture.” Modi called attention to the ancient Indian polities, especially those inspired by the Buddh paramapara (Buddhist tradition).

He concluded that “loktantra hamaari ragon mein hai” (democracy is in our blood). Two analytically distinguishable issues require discussion. Were ancient Indian polities democratic, democracy thus representing India’s enduring culture?

And what was Nehru’s role in institutionalising democracy?

To answer these questions, we need to start with a conceptual question: What is democracy?

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