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We describe several experiments and studies that lead to a design for a personal, body-worn, wireless device that extends the Familiar Stranger relationship while respecting the delicate, yet important, constraints of our feelings and relationships with strangers in pubic places.

Encounter bubbles A visualization tool based on Mobster that enables users to explore their social encounters in new ways.

Socialight A location-aware mobile social networking platform that allows people to connect with their friends and friends of friends in new, expressive ways.

Socializer A distributed, peer-to-peer platform that connects a person to people and services in the same location. New features can be developed and propagated by an open-source community running on wired as well as wireless networks.

Aware A flexible platform that operates a spatio-temporal moblog (mobile log) allowing collective contribution and distribution of media.

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Hocman We have performed an ethnographic study that reveals the importance of social interaction, and especially traffic encounters, for the enjoyment of biking.

(Case study here)Dodgeball Tell us where you are and we’ll tell you who and what is around you.

We’ll ping your friends with your whereabouts, let you know when friends-of-friends are within 10 blocks, allow you to broadcast content to anyone within 10 blocks of you or blast messages to your groups of friends.

Jukola An interactive MP3 Jukebox device designed to allow a group of people in a public space to democratically choose the music being played.

A public display is used to nominate songs which are subsequently voted on by people in the bar using networked wireless handheld devices.

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