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If you are already a Gordon Smith owner and would like to know more about your guitar, please fill in the form below with your serial number and email address and we'll let you know the year it was made. to the extent that the outstanding contributions forms a significant queue.

This means that we just can't merge those PRs until someone in the community validates them for us. Meanwhile, we're also engaging in conversations with VMware and other companies to try to find a way to more officially support v Sphere.

Simon Bourn, PRS head of litigation, enforcement and anti-piracy, added that “as a licensing body” the organization’s “first approach is always to take steps to work with new digital platforms, to find a mechanism to license rather than enforce.” He went on to say that as the digital landscape evolves, “it is our mission to ensure that those who mandate us with their rights are always paid fairly for the use of their work, today and in the future.”In December, a joint investigation between PRS for Music and City of London’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) resulted in the conviction and sentencing of Wayne Evans for illegally uploading the U.

K.’s Top 40 singles to various torrent sites and distributing tracks through his own website. Since beginning its own takedown program in 2011, British labels trade body BPI has sent 450 million notices to Google and Microsoft’s Bing, with over 82 million URLs sent to Google last year alone.

It was bought in December 2017, but sadly because of other commitments, it has just sat in its Deluxe PRS Gigbag.

One year after launching, PRS for Music’s Anti-Piracy System (MAPS) is striking a blow for artists and rights holders. PRS’ Member Anti-Piracy System, which enables users to track and request take downs of unlicensed material and was developed in association with the Publishers Association, has also forced 220 illegal websites to close and seen more than 275,000 live links de-listed from Google’s search pages. K.’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO), an estimated 78 million music tracks were accessed illegally online in just the United Kingdom over a three month period (dating from March to May 2016).

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