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We like to think of ourselves as rational human beings that base our decisions on logical processes, but most of our decisions occur unconsciously and based on minimal information.

Finding a date on Tinder involves a three-stage decision making process: Tinder exposes its users to two types of factors: rational (Geographical Distance and Age) and emotional (Appearance and Requited Interest).

People are more likely to develop friendships with people who are nearby (ex.

live in the same dorm or sit near each other in class).

A Tinder profile includes only the user’s first name, age and photos, along with the Facebook friends (if any) they have in common with the person viewing the profile.

Upon signing up, a user is provided with potential matches and the option to “like” or “dislike” each one based on his/her profile.

After the rational stage comes the emotional stage: Appearance – Although it may seem shallow to admit it, we are strongly influenced by the physical attractiveness of others, and in many cases appearance is the determinant of whether or not we initially like a person.

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Geographical Distance – Research shows that the best single predictor of whether two people will develop a relationship is how far apart they live.

They also likely share similar backgrounds, concerns, life challenges, and cultural/historical references.

These similarities make it easier to find common conversational ground, and add an element of cohesiveness to a relationship that cannot be attained in relationships with a more notable age difference.

Furthermore, evidence has shown that most couples are closely matched in terms of physical attractiveness.

This appears to be because we weigh a potential partner’s attractiveness against the probability that he/she would be willing to pair up with us.

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