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It was amazing the things it could discover, and so many of them with marvelously practical uses! It is the whole concept of science which (to many) seems to have made the world a horror.It seemed like there was nothing science could not do. The advance of medicine has given us a dangerous population growth; the advance of technology has given us a growing pollution danger; a group of ivory-tower, head-in-the-clouds physicists have given us the nuclear bomb; and so on and so on and so on.

Everything about the carnage was horrible, but was there anything which managed to make itself felt above that sickening spectacle of mutual suicide?

Besides, even if you argue that the development of the nuclear bomb sin, I still reply that it wasn't the first sin.

The mistrust of science itself antedates the nuclear bomb.

Science could The play was an international success (and gave the word "robot" to the world and to science fiction) so its thesis of science out of hand must have touched a responsive chord in mankind.

Why should men be so ready, in 1921, to think that science could get out of hand and do total evil to the human race, when only a few years before, science was still the "Mr. World War II was a greater and deadlier war than World War I; but World War I was incomparably more stupid in its details.

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