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Or maybe the person lying next to you should not be lying next to you (aka your best friend’s ex-boyfriend).

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Just don’t make a habit out of these, because it’s oh so awkward passing each other on campus and giving the courtesy head nod.

Your sexual health is yours to be responsible for if you’re falling into bed with people you may not know fully (but are like... Because you’re going downtown with a person who doesn’t know all your favorite -ahem- moves, you may not feel fully satisfied after a hookup.

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as bad sex, although the stories you tell your bff the next day can always gets a laugh.

Communication can be hard for everyone sometimes; I believe in you. Because hook up culture normally encompasses a different number of partners, the threat of contracting an STI is always at the front of your brain.

Even safe sex has to be monitored with regular screenings and open communication with your OBGYN.

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