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GPS daters can specify what they're looking for - whether it's a relationship, fling or workout buddy.

Working off cellphone towers and a phone's internal GPS, the applications alert users when they come within a few hundred metres of a potential match: typically, a first name, age, gender and photo will pop up on the phone.

Mobile dating applications such as Skout and Are You Interested?

let users download software onto their phones that alerts them when a potential match is within spitting distance.

Soon after came "geosocial" networking services such as Loopt and Brightkite.com, which allow people to keep track of friends and explore "social communities around your favourite venue." Today, the dating industry is teeming with GPS-based contenders, thanks largely to the i Phone.

Online behemoth has developed a location-based app for its millions of users, and more recently, emerged for gay and bisexual men. is timing and location," said Christian Wiklund, founder and chief executive of Skout, which has 500,000 members. Wiklund said they are mostly 25, use Facebook and Twitter, enjoy posting media wherever they are, and want to meet piles of people.

Now, it's helping people find love, with a new frontier of location-based dating.The technology allows people to date spontaneously, but also gives "chance a hand," as Blue Pont, a service boasting nearly 140,000 meet-ups, puts it.If The One is taking a leak at the same Starbucks, your cell will let you know.They can then exchange private messages, set up an in-person meeting, or, if unmoved, ignore the suggestion."It's nice to have a spontaneous and romantic meeting face to face," said Blue Pont CEO Alex Bloom, who launched it out of Los Angeles last summer for Black Berry.

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