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It's been a slow, careful process that everyone takes extremely seriously."If you redesign Reddit," says Diego Perez, the company's head of design, "you're inherently changing the internet."The new design's "classic" look is similar to Reddit's old appearance, but it has been updated with bigger fonts, a more modern appearance, and a navigation bar that—when opened—appears along the page's left side.Beneath the description for r/all ("The most active posts from all of Reddit.Come here to see new posts rising and be a part of the conversation") there's a prominent, blue button to create a new post.

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Those users brought with them a tide of new communities—some of which challenged Reddit's reputation for free speech in disturbing ways. Ohanian sent the screenshots to Perez in a Zip file. But this is your job now.'"Redesigning any major website is stressful.

At Microsoft, where Perez had worked previously, he led a team of 60 designers. In those early days, Reddit's makeshift design team worked out of an empty room on the fourth floor of the company's headquarters.

They dragged up a TV, a couple of chairs, a little Wi-Fi station, a bunch of paper, and started to hash out how to bring Reddit into the future. Everyone wanted to change the font, the navigation, the use of space in the sidebars.

It was neither the first nor the last time this group would gather here to share the details of the project they'd been working on for over a year. The designers had prepared an update for Reddit's website, which serves 330 million users from around the world.

The irony of a dozen designers doing anything at Reddit was not lost on them—the text-heavy website is about as visually appealing as an overflowing email inbox.

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