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When most people think of a Penn conventional reel, they picture the dark burgundy, later year brighter red, or black side plates.

Penn actually made some models for a few years that were green and grey.

Two types of MOD K's were developed - one with a star drag, and one without. If you've ever seen the inside of a Penn conventional reel, you'll quickly realize that the design is still in use today.

Henze was issued a patent for a reel design by the U. In 1933, Penn began selling reels to the general public.

If you're lucky enough to find a reel still with it's original box and it looks like this one, then it's a pre 1960 reel.

Dating Mitchell Reels is easy if you have the right tools and here it is; the Original Mitchell Reel Dating Guide by Wallace Carney of the Mitchell Reel Museum!

So if you have a Penn with a wooden handle, it's probably pretty old.

Gone are the burgundy side plates, replace by mostly black ones.

Gone are the embossed fishing scenes found on the sides of older Penn reels.

The Mod F was renamed Sea Hawk, the Mod K without a star drag was renamed Bayside, the MOD K with a star drag was renamed Long Beach.

The company's first recorded sale occurred in February 1933 to the Miller Auto Supply Company of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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