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Liquid yeast allows for greater tailoring of the beer to a particular style.However, the amount of yeast in a liquid packet is much less than the amount in the dry.If it's not showing signs of life (churning, foaming) after a half hour, your yeast may be too old or dead.Unfortunately, this can be a common problem with dry yeast packets, especially if they are the non-name brand packets taped to the top of malt extract beer kits. "Proof" the yeast by adding one teaspoon of extract or sugar that has been boiled in a small amount of water.

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Using a starter gives yeast a head start and increases the population preventing weak fermentations due to under-pitching. These days, several companies offer liquid yeasts that are use-by date coded and are packaged at higher cell counts so that they don't need to be pitched to a starter.However, their spouse assured them in no uncertain terms that the presence of the yeast packet did not entitle them to any more of the covers.So, just put the packet somewhere that's about 80°F, like next to the water heater.There are two types of liquid yeast package - Those with inner nutrient packets and those without.The packages that contain an inner bubble of yeast nutrient (i.e.

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