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This is not to say that service to the community is not important, just that leadership is equally important.Hopefully you have been a member of a boy led troop.Remember that each district or council has their own particular procedures for submitting and approving Eagle Project Reports and Eagle applications, so check with your council or district and make sure you follow the required procedures.If you need an electronic version of the official BSA Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook (BSA #512-927), download it from the official BSA National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) website.Some possible benefits to consider are: improves safety, enhances appearance, helps needy people, provides essential services, provides entertainment to a needy group, or improves functionality of a facility.

* Painted a mural on the wall of his Synagogue depicting Jewish life * Modified church's storage building, adding double door for tractor access, shelves, permanent window covering * Planted trees and placed boulders in a local park to stop off-road vehicles from damaging grounds * Conducted a bicycle safety program at a community summer camp for underprivileged children * Built a nature trail and erosion dams in a city park * Rebuilt and greatly improved a patio at a local troubled youth home Since these organizations are already in place and have developed processes and procedures they have found work best in their particular area of interest, you may find it more difficult to establish yourself as the true leader.Get a current copy of the Life to Eagle Packet, which includes the BSA Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook (BSA 512-927), from the council office or from one of the troop leaders to use in preparing your plan.As you decide how much detail to include, try making a goal that in your absence, a friend or another Scout could successfully work the entire project, doing only what was written in your submitted project plan.Remember, you do not have to DO any of the physical work yourself; you are responsible for LEADING others in carrying out the project and ensuring that everything is done the way you want it (i.e. If they hedge by saying, "I'll try to be there," (which often implies they do not really want to help, but are reluctant to tell you so) remind them about how important this is and how much you really need them While the adult leaders who are present during your project will step up to handle any real emergency, you as the project leader should prepare for the overall safety of your workers in your project plan. 4) states: Two registered adult leaders, or one registered adult and a parent of a participating Scout, one of who must be at least 21 years of age or older, are required for all trips or outings.As stated in the BSA Project Workbook, the real purpose of the Eagle Project is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate leadership of others.

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