Rick fox dating eliza

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Log in to Reply hi I also have a son knowles wiegand richards 111,my two grandfathers came from english royalty marred into english royalty one married a knowles, and one married a wiegand, they came to america. they oppened a factory or rather benjamen arthure richards did with one of the lincoln boys.

Hardware for windows curtins and caskits this is, after ben richards his brother dyed of a heart attack.

But like Dushku they will have dark features – dark hair, eyes and perhaps a little olive skin. That is why Blumanbach did measures with skulls and found a piece of that relation.

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Pandhora was the daughter of Angelo Floqi and Taska.

the brothers and their wives where fron london and the women where from wensbury englind.

I hope I got this correct benjamen arthure had a son born in 1917 his name was Knowles Wiegand Richards He and my mother carmella coddianni got married in 1946oh by the way she changed her to constance and had me knowles w richards jr in 1947 I grew up in waterbury ct.

I have been married 3 times and all toughther I have 5 children 1daughter won’t talk to me shes mentaly Ill her mother and grandmother poisoned her aginst me but all the rest com to see me.

I was in a rock an roll band for about 15 years We played from ct. I quit because the drummer and I had a fight he thought I was nailing his girlfriend But honest I wasent , I could have but I don’t do that to my friends and never screwed around . except for I am just kidding of course in my younger days I must say I was good looking when I was in the rock groups I was single and I could not keep thoose little groupies away but any I am 64 years now I have lived a long life and have done allmost everything Heck I could write a book. Log in to Reply my great grandfather married a knowles.

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