Robert adamson dating erica

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Nikki goes to an AA meeting and sees Deacon Sharpe, who slept with Victoria. Deacon later got "drunk" with Nikki in his room at the Silver Star Motel.(Deacon's drinks were only water.) It turned out he and Meggie were in on a plot together to get Nikki away from Victor so Meggie could have Victor and his money.Paul did some investigating and soon found that David may be a murderer. David was killed by the mob, and so was Victor's new wife, Sabrina Costelana Newman, who was also pregnant with Victor's child. Nikki eventually followed him to Mexico where he had gone to track down the mobster responsible for David and Sabrina's deaths. Nikki returned with Paul by her side but she was worried about Victor.A storm had wrecked the ship that Victor and Walter Palin had chartered. She convinced Ashley that only she could reach Victor.Nikki stood by Victor as he was diagnosed with epilepsy.Under the influence of visions caused by the epilepsy, Victor left town on a spiritual quest, but eventually returned home to seek treatment.Meggie called Victor over to the motel so he could find Deacon and Nikki in bed together. Nikki received a visit from a bawling Victoria who told her about losing Reed when JT took him to DC to live.

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Jealous of Victor's feelings for Ashley Abbott, Nikki had an affair with Ashley's brother Jack Abbott.Alas, their marriage didn't survive the loss of their son, John Abbott III.Nikki's hopes of remarrying Victor were dashed when he wed a blind farmer named Hope Adams, who gave birth to his son, Victor Adam Newman. Joshua's presumed-dead and unbalanced wife, Veronica Landers, came into the house pretending to be a maid named Sara.Victor and Ashley divorced and Nikki got back together with him once again. She came to Victor for help, but Nikki suspected that she wanted Victor for herself.However, she ended up saving Meggie from a dangerous criminal.

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