Row cannot be located for updating mysql server

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The match does not have to be exact, nor case sensitive.Quick Example: )Graphing More graphs should support Int64/Double variables instead of throwing exceptions when reaching numbers over 4 billion. Miscellaneous Fixes for settings not being saved if you close ACT in less than 60 seconds after the first time it is run.The custom trigger regex field may warn you about using ACT 64-bit When running on a 64-bit OS, ACT will run as a 64-bit application.In general, this will allow for greater amounts of memory to be used before crashing at the cost of using more memory for general operation.This means that damage data can now exceed 2 billion(2^32/2-1).

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Miscellaneous Misc bug fixes relating to race conditions in the Spell Timers window. ACT 64-bit, Part 2A need has arisen for ACT's base number type to go from Int32 to Int64.Custom Trigger Benchmarking ACT has a new window for finding expensive Custom Triggers that might cause ACT to lag behind in CT parsing.If the CT parsing engine lags behind over 1,000 lines compared to the combat parsing engine, a sliding popup may appear asking if you wish to run said benchmark.To start over, either delete or rename the Scratch encounter.Miscellaneous The table in the Main tab will now allow you to multi-select rows; clipboard context menu items will pay attention to that selection.

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