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Meanwhile, her runway look, basically Pippi Longstocking's Alabama cousin, wasn't much in and of itself, but Cracker continues to sell her questionable oddball choices with visionary oddball runway walks that seal the story.In many ways, she's unlike anything we've seen on the show before, and when gunning for the crown that often comes in handy.We're awaiting the think pieces or Tweet threads that will appear on the matter in the morning.As for the actual results of the assignment, Aquaria turns out a look that wouldn't be out of place on the runway in earlier seasons, while the Vixen sells her presentation with body movement that perfectly illustrates her narration.As we find out, they work relatively well together.The challenge is something of an interesting callback to queer representation on national television a few decades ago: a rehash of the trashy tabloid talk shows of the '90s in the guise of an improv comedy exercise on itself (spoiler: She chose Shequida Hall, who is still a top queen in Manhattan to this day).She also seemed to deal head on with her tendency to be, well, sort of annoying in the workroom.

The longer you stay the more you save with up to 20 % off at Sofitel New York & Novotel New York Times Square.We soon find out why: Her prize is pairing each queen up for the main challenge, and the Vixen seems primed to stir things up.She choses Asia for herself (Asia had won the Dating App commercial challenge after all), and seemingly picks the other teams at random before pairing Aquaria and Eureka at the end in a way she seems to think is the ultimate shade.The relationship between queer people and these trashy shows goes further than just Ru.In the '90s, programs like hosts (especially the female ones) usually tried to mainstream some sort of respect for their guests.

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