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JORGIE Porter may not be after a romance with Goerge Shelley after all.

The I'm A Celebrity stars have been flirting back and forth since the series started last week, which has led many fans to believe they may be the latest celebs to get it on in the jungle.

Additionally, most of the exercises can be done almost anywhere with as little cost to you as possible.

This is done to both to enable anyone to train who wants to and also to give you no excuses for avoiding the exercises beyond “I don’t feel like it.”You won’t need a team of trainers and lots of shiny equipment to get fit for rugby.

Chloe, daughter of TV presenting couple Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, was seen in her athletic physique with a pair of leggings and a black jumper, and on the other hand, her keen rugby player boyfriend was in a black jumper and jeans.

Rugby is played in 30-second bursts, so it is critical to train your body to be ready for 30 seconds of intense activity at a time, followed by brief rest periods.

Madeley is also known for posting photographs of her toned body on social media including Twitter and Instagram, says her only gripe is that Haskell is fitter than her and admitting that her fitness regime is more about “aesthetics.” Chloe Madeley spoke about her relationship in September of 2015 with the England forward, James Haskell to the standard and said: “We met through Twitter. I was very happy being single and had no interest in anyone approaching me on Twitter.

I did not know who he was but saw he had a blue tick so I thought he must be someone.

Chloe Madeley has been a fitness fanatic these days.

She’s been hitting the gym on a regular basis and looks in a perfect shape.

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