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Quinn's personal history and her previous look was revealed by Lauren Zizes in the season 2 episode Born This Way.

However, since that episode, Lucy Caboosey is never mentioned and Beth looks like the new Quinn not Lucy. In Pilot, Quinn appears first laughing at Rachel's Myspace video with some other Cheerios including Santana to which she and the Cheerios later wrote unflattering comments about Rachel's appearance.

She was chubby, had acne, and naturally had auburn hair.

Because of her weight, she gained the nickname "Lucy Caboosey." In high school, she wanted to get back at everyone by being rude.

Lucy; Fabray; Juicy Lucy (Lauren) Quinnie (Mother and Father) Babe; Baby; My Baby Mama; MILF, Real Housewife of Reno (Puck) Q; Preggo; A Little Bird; Sister.

Quinn feels like something is going on between Finn and Rachel and auditions for Glee club with Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez.

She is upset when explaining why she joined to Sue Sylvester, but instead of being angry, Sue orders Quinn, Brittany, and Santana to be inside spies on the Glee club to help her bring it down.

She is seen washing cars in their attempt to earn the money and they later hire him.

When he fails to break them, Quinn and Santana are punished by Sue who suspends their tanning privileges, which makes Santana burst into tears.

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