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Further experiments by this team have shown that the color red also increased attractiveness rating of the men in the eyes of women compared to other colors such as gray, green, or blue.

Another experiment by these same researchers showed that the man in red was rated as high in social status, and with higher potential for success. In an earlier series of experiments Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta (2008) found that men reported higher sexual attraction toward a woman dressed in red compared to women dressed in other colors.

Participants rated the attractiveness of the man in the picture.

The results showed that women ranked the man as more attractive when he was presented against the red backdrop.

Providing further evidence for the existence of a red-sex association, Sascha Schwartz and Marie Singer of the University of Dortmund in Germany showed that 'red effect' holds for young women but not for elderly women.

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Indeed, much remains unknown about why two people are attracted to each other.

They found the men directed more intimate questions toward the 'woman in red' (intimate questions are a known indication of increased sexual interest).

In addition, men chose to sit closer to the woman in red than to a woman dressed in a different color (blue, in this experiment).

Nevertheless, in recent decades science has revealed many secrets about heterosexual attraction.

We know for example that women around the world are attracted to symmetrical male bodies and faces, to the physical manifestations of testosterone (a strong chin, broad shoulders, deep voice), and to a man’s social status, intelligence, and sense of humor.

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