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Yet watch any performance and that thing screams: “sex on ice.” Moir and Virtue won ice dance gold at the Olympics in South Korea on Tuesday, their second gold in the category since Vancouver 2010.

In their dedication to their art, they’ve created something truly eternal.

Virtue and Moir have been a duo for 20 years now, skating together for the first time as eight- and ten-year-olds from London, Ont.

In their final Olympics, they have again enthralled romantics and voyeurs the world over.

Fans will tune in for years waiting for that one, perfect, explosive pay off—the moment when two characters we’ve invested in finally decided to declare their love. But any good screenwriter knows that resolving that tension also spells the beginning of the end for the show itself. The relentlessness, the pursuit of perfection that level of physical accomplishment requires is, quite simply, superhuman.

Just as an infatuation is destroyed by a relationship, fantasy gives way to reality: the day-to-day routine, the dull motions that can make for a meaningful life, but a much more difficult story. Shortly after they won gold, one user on Twitter wrote: “I like to imagine Scott Moir trawling shipper Twitter threads about him and Tessa Virtue and suddenly thinking, ‘Oh… These two, teamed up by Moir’s aunt, at the age of seven and nine have been practicing almost every day for hours at a time—for 20 years.

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