Screenupdating vba does not work

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During the course of a week, any application or combination of applications can have support requests, so it is different week to week and not predictable.Essentially we are looking to park the time with appropriate application after the work is complete.Example: Here's a reusable procedure that you can call to toggle the settings if you want to save the typing in every procedure you need this in: Public Sub Enable Fast Code(Optional Set Fast As Boolean = True) With Application If Set Fast Then . I want to prevent the user from doing anything in my application while te 3rd party app is running, until the user closes the 3rd party application.Also I want my application to be shown correctly (handle WM_PAINT, WM_DRAW etc.).It can get very confusing and makes debugging a harder chore than necessary. ' Turn off Calculation/Screen Updating Enable Fast Code 'do stuff you want to hide screen activity for... Can someone further my education in this matter in some way. I actually do it in a little utility I wrote to move Outlook filters down, since the "Move Down" button doesn't autorepeat and when you have 850 anti-spam filters it becomes a bit unwieldy. Whoever helped you post this question, have them help you do a google search on "WBS Excel" "Brian 76" wrote: I want to create a WBS using Excel and roll up the effort points. I cover using excel for this in my WBS Training at Nankivel ...running another application from my application Hello, I have an MDI application that on a specific case runs a 3rd party application.Even though Excel will turn it on when procedures end, you should get into the habit of controlling this in your code before&after those code segments that make changes to the UI that you want to hide until the task is done. I use Peek Message so my application will be drawn corretly while working on the 3rd party app.

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Another setting that commonly accompanies this is Calculation.Screen Updating True When I open a new instance of Excel and open the workbook from the new instance, it works well. I can't explain it, but I've seen some weird things like this....-- Ryan--- If this information was helpful, please indicate this by clicking '' Yes''. For some reason I can't get Word's Screen Updating method to work using OLE Automation with Delphi 1.0 (which has no proper OLE Automation support, but there is a 3rd party package available).It works fine from VB with both Word 6 and 7, and although the Delphi problem has only been with Word 7 it is likely to still be a problem with Word 6.

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