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I've had many years of working a lot without being in the public eye. But by this time next year, I think things are going to change. Today, as on most days, a rag-tag collection of wannabes and wasters, truants and tough men will pass through a dilapidated church hall in the down-trodden district of Wincobank, Sheffield, and learn to fight.Yes, boxing has risks - as the tragic case of Paul Ingle has highlighted - but all dangerous sports have risks.As top neurologist John Sutcliffe points out: "There are more accidents needing brain surgery in horse-riding, hand-gliding and motor sports."It's also rubbish to suggest - as the Guardian leader did this morning - that if boxing was banned in Britain "it would go the same way as bear-baiting and cock-fighting". The top fighters would go to America and Europe, where the safety standards aren't as good as they are in Britain.The truth is that boxing has given more lives than it has taken. Related stories18 December, 2000: Leader - Ban this barbaric sport18 December, 2000: Boxer in coma after injury to brain18 December, 2000: Boxing braced for renewed attack18 December, 2000: Crucial hour can save a boxer's life - and health18 December, 2000: Calzaghe deflated by injury to Ingle18 December, 2000: 'It was like watching myself in there'26 December, 1999: Boxing covers against Watson repeat22 December, 1999: Watson case sinks boxing board31 October, 1999: Boxing's silent war25 September, 1999: Boxer wins claim for brain injury8 June, 1999: Watson claim puts board on the ropes [email protected] Useful links Key player: International Boxing Federation Key player: British Medical Association Key player: Ban head punches - Paul Flynn MPBackground: Recommendations on boxing - WMABoxing news: The Pisces woman is compassionate and sensitive and will immerse herself into life’s experiences, leaving her vulnerable.Unlicensed fights would continue in seedy cellars or in small rooms in the back of bars, where there are no rules, no doctors, and no hope.And ordinary working class kids who haven't heard of rocket and parmesan shavings, let alone tasted them, would be deprived of a chance - their one chance - of a way out. The meddlers should respect it, and their right to make an honest living.

10 in Paris, 1976) Line-up / Musicians - Phil Collins / lead vocals, drums *(3,5,8,9,10,12), percussion- Steve Hackett / Gibson Les Paul guitar, Hokada 12-string guitar- Tony Banks / RMI electric piano, Hammond T organ, ARP Pro-Soloist, Mellotron 400, Epiphone 12-string guitar, backing vocals- Mike Rutherford / 4- & 8-string bass guitars, Moog Taurus bass pedals, acoustic & electric 12-string guitars, backing vocals- Chester Thompson / drums and percussion With- Bill Bruford / drums and percussion (10)* Note: Drums on tr.

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