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A mysterious stranger offers to help, but it’s left to the noblewoman to decide if he can and if the price of his help is too high.

With nowhere else to turn, vigilante crimefighter Josie Cade must seek the help of an evil sorceress to solve the one case that has haunted her.

She watches as they soon fall under Heather’s control. Dr Choi no longer trusts Heather and enlists Betsy in a plot to replace Heather as head of her empire.

Although Heather does not trust Dr Choi, she fails to understand the connection he has made with Betsy. Paul takes his Canadian girlfriend Elly to a fancy restaurant for her birthday.

Kate uses a magic ritual to transform her friend Jenny into a sex bombshell.The result is a unique love relationship no one expects.Belle and Sara like the odd couple, are old friends living together, each very different.Deck the dungeon halls, and avoid the paralylalala spraying mistletoe at all cost.During the season of giving you’d better lock up your girlfriends and wives, because everyone’s doing their best to get on the naughty list! Only at your own peril in a Perfect World during this special hole-e-day !!!

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