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The following The default values for all these properties is false, which preserves all the lexical information necessary to reconstruct the incoming document in its original form. Ignoring Comments(ignore Comments); Ignoring Element Content Whitespace(ignore Whitespace); Coalescing(put CDATAInto Text); Expand Entity References(! Note - Text nodes exist under element nodes in a DOM, and data is always stored in text nodes.

Setting them to true lets you construct the simplest possible DOM so that the application can focus on the data's semantic content without having to worry about lexical syntax details. Perhaps the most common error in DOM processing is to navigate to an element node and expect it to contain the data that is stored in that element. Even the simplest element node has a text node under it that contains the data.

When you are searching for a node with a particular name, there is a bit more to take into account.

Although it is tempting to get the first child and inspect it to see whether it is the right one, the search must account for the fact that the first child in the sub-list could be a comment or a processing instruction.

To create or manipulate a DOM, it helps to have a clear idea of how the nodes in a DOM are structured.

If you specify an invalid combination of options, the factory generates a More information about how to use name spaces and validation is provided in Validating with XML Schema, in which the code that is missing from the above extract will be described.

The DOM node element type information is obtained by calling the various methods of the instances.

Lexical information is the information you need to reconstruct the original syntax of an XML document.

The DOM parser does not have to actually use a SAX parser internally, but because the SAX standard is already there, it makes sense to use it for reporting errors.

As a result, the error-handling code for DOM applications is very similar to that for SAX applications: as an argument when the program is run.

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