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ICYMI, Bumble is the dating app where women message men first — at least in heterosexual pairings.

(With same-sex pairings, either person can message first.) Plus, the app gives you a deadline, so once you and someone match, you have 24 hours to write to them. After all, how many times do you match with someone and you tell yourself you'll write to them "later," but then later never comes?

Plus, many people seem to be glued to their dating apps, so, chances are, they'll see your message right away.

And, as you know, many apps tell you when someone was last online and/or you can see if they've read your message, and these are definitely benefits when it comes to finding a last-minute date. Of course, you can match and message with multiple people (everyone's doing it!

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And for giving you a whole new group of matches — not linked via Facebook like several other dating apps out there — .99 does not seem like a high price to pay. ), whether you want someone to attend an event with you tonight or are feeling social and don't want to check out that new bar alone. There are plenty of apps to get a last-minute date (thank you, technology!Chances are, you can find exactly whom you're looking for.Like many other dating apps, Tinder is free, but you can pay for certain features (like hiding your age).

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