Sex and dating men expect sex

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So the rule is, never judge a man for just wanting to have sex with you.That’s human, and if he’s on a date with you it’s because he felt some initial sexual attraction.I understand your concern about men wanting sex on a first date.This is a subject that comes up quite often in my coaching practice.It’s okay to be physically intimate in other ways, but you need to be clear with your guy about what you want and need to feel safe and connected.

The women who come to me for coaching want to be respected and cherished by the men they date.That feeling of being used, the questioning of self-worth—it’s not a good place to be.Note that there are some women who are able to have sex right away, and they don’t get emotionally invested in a relationship.All calls are recorded and transcribed, and you get a free chapter a month of my upcoming book.This month, we’re talking about how to communicate with men without nagging.

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