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Response: “Dietary cholesterol does not affect total blood cholesterol.

In fact, when we do eat cholesterol, our bodies make less of it to keep our blood levels in balance.” “Isn’t all that fat gonna make you fat? While you can technically overeat enough fat calories to accumulate adipose tissue, thus getting fat, this is a difficult feat, for two primary reasons: Fat is very satiating, especially when paired with low-carb eating.

At least with a grain-free diet, you’re merely removing something that many hold near and dear to their hearts. I’ll even promise you that there are ways to do it, explanations and answers that don’t make you seem like a crazy person who hates his heart (I make no such promises for those of you with a stick of butter with bite marks and a tub of coconut oil with a greasy spoon beside it on your office desk, however).

It’s “healthy” and “delicious,” sure, but at least you’re not adding something that will actively kill you. Now let’s get right to their questions and responses you can use: “Isn’t all that fat gonna glom onto your arteries? Atherosclerosis is caused by oxidized LDL particles penetrating the arterial wall, inciting inflammation, and damaging the arterial tissue.

Your blood doesn’t have oil slicks running through it, or congealed droplets of grease gumming up the passageways.

You are the product of millions upon millions of years of evolution, and I think our bodies can do better than trying to ape modern plumbing. Fat is not solidifying in my blood like it can in the plumbing.

It’s difficult to overeat on a high-fat, low-carb diet.

Instead, you’ll enjoy steadier, more even energy in mind and body.Boy, between “staying local” and “only making as much as we need,” our livers are downright green.I bet our HDL is GMO-free and organic to boot (not so sure about those sneaky LDL particles, though).I tend to listen to the science, rather than what I think the science is saying: That looks pretty clear cut to me.Response: “The most recent studies have concluded that saturated fat intake likely has no relation to heart disease, contrary to popular opinion.” “Where do you get your energy?

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