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A relationship doesn't just happen, it takes work for it to really come together and grow.

This is why, I believe, that he gives the recipe analogy.

Not to be outdone, he composed a challenging 7 minute extravagnza of interwoven and overlapping melodies and several, almost un-listenable, key changes. The keyboard player noticed the huge pipe organ, ran over to it, but never could figger out how to turn it on.

"f--k those guys in their stupid suits..." said Webb, "No self-respecting DJ will ever play this."Someone said they saw Glen Campbell touching himself to the song and was growling feverishly at the chance to meet Jimmy. I went to college one year with Jimmy's little brother Tommy. He had a basketball scholarship, I basically had no business being there, but that's another story. After the "Oh No" at the end, Jimmy apologized for not being able to hit the high E.

It's kind of funny though that when he sings the 'Oh no' part of the song, he tilts his head back and really rounds his mouth like a wolf howling at the moon.

That to me in of itself shows the little bit of corny side of him that is seen in the lyrics of the song.

Sadly, three of the four members have passed away; Levi Stubbs , Renaldo 'Obie' Benson , & Lawrence Payton and Abdul 'Duke' Fakir will celebrate his 79th birthday the day after Christmas ... Between the parted pages, and (we)were pressed In love's hot, fevered iron like a striped pair of pants.

Refrain(V1)The lyric given is fundamentally mistaken. Here is an accurate transcription in single column--too bad the site will not accept easy to read columar format.

One of the greatest pop songs ever written & performed.

When Harris got excited, the executives got really wound up and begged Jimmy to come up with a 4 minute version.

Jimmy was double pissed now, because these f--kers were gonna get rich off the song he wrote in revenge for their s--tty attitude towards him.

Then he said, "Oh well, Richard couldn't do it either." I was probably the only one in high school at Geronimo, OK that liked the song.

If it came on while I was pulling into the driveway for home, I'd go around the block a few times to hear the whole thing.

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