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Tech hailed as 'discovery of the centruy' While looking at the blueprints of his new home, one man noticed a sketch for a space he hadn't seen before -- so he grabbed a shovel and started digging.Secret room untouched since the 1960's A tweet sent from the first lady’s Twitter account on Wednesday sparked new rumors about her welfare after she’s been out of the public eye following surgery.The first part he implemented was the chat part, which he did with borrowed parts written by his friends Jyrki Kuoppala and Jukka Pihl.

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The company that now controls several patents for this remarkable technology is building out a pipeline that also addresses other hereditary conditions.Rather than browsing the latest news, communicating with businesses and buying goods through standard sites and apps, Facebook's bots make it possible to do it all through Messenger - theoretically, you should be able to get what you're looking for by speaking to the bots in natural language. The platform is currently the beta stage and it's only working with a few US-based companies.But it's already possible to get a little taste of what this technology can do.By starting a conversation with the company from the Messenger app or their desktop Facebook page, you can choose a bouquet, select the right delivery address, include a note and pay for everything - however, the service is only currently available in the US.Again, it's interesting to see it in action, and chatting with the bot is a little quicker than filling out the details on a regular site, especially on mobile.

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