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The man held Karla's hips and appeared to be holding her against his pelvis. Unless he had a defect in the groin area the man was a little horndog and my wife was his target. My eyes stayed on my wife who was happy to be left with this mystery man.

Whenever I do that with her it always gives me an erection. I was looking forward to seeing how she handled it when his hormones finally made his interest obvious to Karla.

It was more than I thought my wife would allow a stranger to do. The next move he tried was sliding an arm around her waist.

Horny bastard had Karla in his grasp and held her firmly against him.

On this occasion it was just the two of them going out to a club. She liked to wear tight fitting clothes because it gave her modest bust a little more definition. How she could dance in heels was beyond me, but she said taking them off was admitting defeat.

The hardest part of sending my wife out was trying not to get too aroused before she left.

We got along well and within a few months we were engaged. With her strong religious beliefs, I found trusting her to be easy.

The locations were her focus along with what we might do to set a romantic mood, whereas mine were all about sexual activity and could be in a cardboard box for all I care.

My wife loves dancing, she could go out every other night.

It did not work then and I was not going to believe her this time either.

She insisted, "I think you deserve to know the truth. Then she begged, "Please."My mood was sour for having to leave in the middle of my film.

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