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“At that time, Jeffs ran the place with an iron fist,” Dougherty says, “and no one dared breach one of his rules or edicts or they faced being summarily tossed out of the church, which he did a number of times to leading figures in the community.” As for elections, Jeffs would pick the candidates for Hildale and Colorado City public offices from among the FLDS faithful, who would then run unopposed.Due to Jeffs’ racist, homophobic, misogynistic teachings, the Southern Poverty Law Center designated the FLDS as a hate group in 2005. The attorney general of Utah froze the UEP and seized its land holdings in Colorado City and Hildale, eventually placing the property in the control of a board of trustees.There would be a cultural bias towards all those things.” And despite Jessop’s outsider status as an ex-FLDS member, her husband took a second wife after the family fled Short Creek, though she says she doesn’t identify with a particular religion.

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“There are fewer active FLDS there,” Brower says, “but some of the most successful, prominent FLDS businesses are still in Hildale.” “The leadership’s been locked up.Jessop says the community has “become much more diverse, and people just have more empathy and compassion towards each other as human beings, and this allows people to be who they are—a mainstream community.Everybody doesn’t think the same way or feel the same way anymore.” Still, Brower says, “If somebody from out there was going to tell you their true feelings about LGBT [people] or other races, they’re at least smart enough now to temper their words.“Today you can see a black man with a white woman, et cetera,” he said.“A great evil has happened on this land because the devil knows that if all the people have Negro blood, there will be nobody worthy to have the priesthood.” As for homosexuals, Jeffs sermonized, “The people grew so evil, the men started to marry the men and the women married the women.

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