Sex position

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Standing If you can’t carry your partner’s body weight do not try this one.The man, sitting straight up in a high chair, should lift the woman so that her head is placed upside down between legs.It also provides a great deal of sexual pleasure because it can perfectly hit the G-spot. Pirate’s Bounty: In this position its bend your legs.The man approaches the woman, who lies on her back, kneeling. Pile Driver: In this position, there is a deep and intense penetration is plenty with plenty of G-Spot stimulation. Pie in the Sky: This is an erotic experience with total exposure and it requires a lot of flexibility. Peepshow: In this position, we find both partners on their sides but still facing each other. Pearly Gates: The easiest way to enter this position is by going from a spooning position. Oral Therapy: The man lies down on a couch and he relaxes so his woman can [Read: 50 Romantic Love Messages to send to your Partner]begin with her special oral treatment.[Read: How to Ask a girl or your girlfriend for sex] 11.Side- rider: Here is a position that offers an exciting angle. Side to Side: Whenever you feel like shifting position, this one is great to enter. See- Saw: This is a very intimate sexual positions that couples can try.[Read: 100 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions; The Craziest Lists] 8. Sitting Bull: Enter this positon with a woman lying on her back. Sitting: The woman gently wraps her legs around her partner’s neck and the man wraps his arm around the back of his woman.Sockets: Here the man lies on his side with the woman on her back. The woman can use her hands to also support her weight.

The man enters a vulnerable position while giving into the pleasing hands and mouth of the woman.The man who lies down should spread his legs so that the woman can place her rear leg between his legs.She then places her front leg on the right side of the man’s upper arm.To set this position, the man slides his back and shoulder against the edge of the bed or couch.All the while the woman is seated and ready to give him pleasure Read: How to Kiss Real Good 3.

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