Shandi finnessey dating

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The first Michigan delegate to win the Miss USA title, Carole Gist, became the first African-American Miss USA in 1990.

During and after the Miss USA pageant, Fakih's religious and ethnic identity became the subject of widespread discussion.

She represented the state of Michigan in the national pageant, having previously won the 2010 Miss Michigan USA pageant. ` So, the super sleuthers are out in full force trying to figure out if Shandi and Ernesto are still dating.I don’t really believe those rumors necessarily, but I do get the sense (because, you know, I have super reality e-lister spidey stalker sense) that Ernesto Arguello and Shandi Finnessey are now broken up. Have you dug up any other juicy nugs that might clue us in?Rima and her three elder siblings were born in Lebanon, but the youngest, Rami was born in New York.As a young child she lived in the village of Souk El Gharb in Mount Lebanon, and attended St. In New York, Fakih's family felt they were subjected to threats and vandalism based on events in the Middle East.

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