Short men dating taller women

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A study of 7,735 middle-class British men born between 19 found a 3 cm height gap between manual and non-manual workers.It will take 20 years before manual workers will be as tall as non-manual workers are now.Surely you’ve got to be horribly shallow and creepy if you’re basing your requirements for long term happiness on cup size?But it seems far more common, and far more acceptable for women to rule out romantic suitors because they don’t measure up in feet and inches.It hasn't been a good week for gentlemen of small stature.New research has shown that being short can increase feelings of inferiority and incompetence.

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As far back as 1915, it was observed bishops were taller than preachers — a trend continued in the towering figure of Cardinal Pell (190 cm).Other findings show that shorter people earn less, and perhaps most significantly, it is thought that tall men have an easier time of it when they’re looking for love.Sadly, I’m overwhelmed with anecdotal proof confirming the results of the last study.It’s a damaging double standard, and one that women need to address if they’re looking for love, otherwise they might find themselves staying single for a long time.It’s no wonder that some shorter men might seem defensive about their size when the world is so keen to tell them it wishes they were a little bit taller.

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