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Additionally, precisely because of this heavy snowfall, the people were especially grateful to see the first buds of spring, have a great love for the cherry blossoms, look forward to the fresh green fragrance of summer, and are joyful at the harvest in fall, holding festivals to express their gratitude. Multiple articles of pottery have been excavated, painting a picture of an independent Hida interacting with the surrounding areas. have been found that appear to mention Shirakawa-go, although it is not certain.It was never a wealthy village, but our ancestors lived well by looking forward to the changing of the seasons, and utilizing this climate to the fullest. Also excavated are a mirror dating from around 600 A. The name “Shirakawa-go” first appears clearly in history in around 1176.Snow falls from December to March, depositing around 2 to 3 m over the area (record snowfall of 4.5 m).Shirakawa-go has been geographically described as an “isolated island”, and also referred to as an “unexplored region”, not just because of the surrounding mountainous terrain, but also due to the fact that links with the surrounding areas could become blocked by snowfall.The village also contains places such as Hakusan National Park and Amo Prefectural Nature Park, where nature has remained undisturbed for many years.Within the Hida region, villages are found in particularly rugged areas of mountain folds.Japanese coins are dated by ruling emperor (year of accession) plus the regnal year.Prior to 1948 regnal numbers are read from right to left.

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One of Shirakawa-go’s key climate features is that its snowfall is some of Japan’s heaviest.

A third method would be compare to pictures of pachinkos with known manufacture dates.

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Shirakawa Village is a typical mountain village, surrounded by mountains.

96% of the village area is forested, while agricultural land only accounts for 0.4%.

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