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Then we must add change notification for the binding system to notice when we update these properties, which will then in turn update the tree control.Here's the new data model: With all this in place, we're all set to manipulate the tree by using our data model. We purchased the Silverlight Edition component and we are in version 5.0.20123.283.The problem persists in release 5.0.20172.561, but in release 5.0.20122.260 it works perfectly fine but does not recognize the control C1Tile List Box.When we call the specific project that owns the treeview, it loads the 300 items and on leaving this and clearing the treeview, the impression we have is that it is still rendering, maybe looping, since from this up to loading the images of others projects is compromised and very slow. thanks Nádia Teles Nexcode Systems Replied 22 September 2017, am EST Hi Nádia, Sure, please provide a video demonstrating the behavior at your end.

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But although there is many private methods, there is only two public properties: The Item Template property is obligatory property and must be of the Hierarchical Data Template type.

The important thing to understand for this solution is that each tree node is actually a type called Tree View Item, and it is this item that displays the data template we defined earlier for our custom types Author and Book.

So you should be able to see from the image above (click on it to see a lager version) is that the Tree View Item is the container for our content.

Consider the following XML: A very simple schema for a library of books.

Our first step is to get this data into a Tree View.

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