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This year, the overall league conversion mark on fourth-and-one is 65.2%.

The Bucs had previously converted on their only other one of the season. @caseyreporting @Scott SBucs looking @ the first list of HOF this year and I see 3 Bucs made it.

It's also a perfect time for us to discuss the hottest topics surrounding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Every Tuesday, I'll be fielding a handful of questions from the fans, but you can send them in all throughout the week. Scott- I've heard all the discussion over the fourth-and-one call in the Atlanta game….it a good call or not…it just execution….there shorter options for Fitzpatrick to throw to instead of Cam Brate and all that. I think those are fair questions and I personally didn't love the play call.

The easiest way is to hit me up on Twitter (@Scott SBucs, using #Bucs Mailbag), but if 280 characters aren't quite enough to get your point across, you can also send an email to [email protected] But at the time htat was all going on, that wasn't the thing I was yelling at the TV.

Just so that nothing that follows is misinterpreted, let me make myself clear: I think all three should be in the Hall of Fame.

Things looked pretty good for the Buccaneers at that point. Set up perfectly to take a shot at the end zone the Bucs called a double-move route to De Sean Jackson but it was incomplete.

Now interested in moving the sticks, the Bucs' threw a short pivot route to Adam Humphries but he was stopped for a gain of just one.

If the score had been, say, 27-23 at the time, I might be on board because changing it to 27-26 would mean you would only need a field goal if you managed to get a stop on defense in time.

Had the Buccaneers converted that fourth down, assuming they did so without scoring a touchdown, they still would have had possession and likely would have needed several more plays to score.

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