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“Ashley angels”, as the company called them, were created mostly from abandoned profiles, utilizing the photos supplied by former users.

Then the bots would initiate communication with men.

Industry insiders seem reluctant to give names and put their signature under the allegations.

Just like in the Russian brides’ industry everybody knows what is going on at the “paid chat” sites and how local “agents” manage to attract the constant stream of stunning single women but won’t talk abut it, the general dating market keeps mum about sex bots that are used to lure people in.

Do you still believe that you would know if you were talking to a chat bot?

In this case, Rule 34 applies: it's being used to take porn videos and replace the actors with film stars.

The software runs on a high-end GPU and takes quite a while—hours to days—to do its stuff, but it's out there and it'll probably be available to rent as a cloud service running on obsolescent bitcoin-mining GPU racks in China by the end of next week.

(Obvious first-generation application: workplace/social media sexual harassers just got a whole new toolkit.) But it's going to get a whole lot worse.

, Scammers and Spammers: Inside Online Dating’s Sex Bot Con Job, explains once again how this type of fraudulent schemes are operating.

In fact, these deceitful schemes have been attracting the attention of authorities and even class action lawsuits. If you are a guy, you would know that getting sex for attractive women is not that hard, if they have the desire.

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