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colorful tin lithograph shows map of the world on the deck with a PENQUIN. Gorgeous piece is mint; still factory sealed in poly bag with instructions printed on the header card. 35.00 Smaller HARBOR TUG tin "Putt-Putt" boat; 5.25" long. B) boxed UNCLE SAM - .50 C) boxed ROSES - .50 D) boxed smiling HAPPY FACES - .50 E) boxed BOTTLE CAPS includes COKE - .50 F) boxed PANDA BEAR - .50 G) boxed Smiling FISH - .50 celluloid. 495.00 1942 cardboard SUPER FLAT TOP Aircraft Carrier with 6 Fighter Planes. Made by Paper Product Division of Electric Corporation of America. 350.00 Hornby of England RACER I Speed Boat; 8.5" metal windup; 1930’s; excellent with very good box. it as the gas pumps and poles but does not have the paper flags or the cardboard "cabin" that sits atop the pier. the dark spot on the inside of the interior wall is small chip in the ivory plastic. Minor burn mark near back edge of roof from the candle. (all in Japanese; so not sure what the real name of the kit is).

Instructions say to set magic piece under the stern.

125.00 SSN25 tin plate windup 9" SUBMARINE in blue; paint wear; exc 150.00 lead slush mold.

glue stains on bow where name tag had been glued on.

box is complete with insert and inspection paperwork. Original box is complete and intact with color illustrated label.

the blue deck is removable so that you can service the mechanism.

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