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It will continue to be updated and additional information is solicited.

All additional information will be confirmed and added as it is received.

Photo - Displays photos of the location Wikipedia - Additional information on that location in Wikipedia See this page for London locations listed by novel Map last updated November 2017 Note: This map and the information it contains is by no means meant to be all-inclusive or complete.

It was designed to provide the reader of Dickens' works with a better understanding of the places that occur in the novels.

It became the official London residence of the monarchy in 1837 when Queen Victoria moved there. It was at its zenith shortly before the advent of railways, when Mrs. It has been said that she could make up nearly 200 beds there, and she lodged and boarded about three dozen of her guards and coachmen.

The present building dates from 1667 when it was rebuilt after the Great Fire.

Charles Darnay accompanies Sydney Carton down Ludgate hill to Fleet Street, and so, up a covered way, into a tavern.

It is referred to in Dickens' works as a well to do area of London. James's Palace; but it is not pretended that it is." ( The Borough (Map: F-10) - Area south of London bridge in Southwark.

It was at the White Hart Inn, in the Borough, that Samuel Pickwick meets Sam Weller and Samuel Pickwick and Wardle catch up with Alfred Jingle and Rachael Wardle after their mad dash to be married ( British Museum (Map: B-5) - The collection was originally housed at Montagu House, Bloomsbury and opened in 1759 although public access was limited.

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    For a list of largest cities by area, see List of United States cities by area.

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