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Nottinghamshire Police has carried out mobile speed enforcement following complaints by members of the public.

But the council hopes the installation of permanent average speed safety cameras should ensure that vehicle speeds are consistently lower, which will in turn significantly improve safety.

The new Victorian Labour state government is following the ousted one from 2014 by continuing to stonewall and... | Published: 03/03/15 Kathleen Lee Joe – The Age 05/11/2014 On spring days like this, there’s nothing more pleasant than zipping through our city streets on your cruisey bike.

And you don’t have to be decked out in head-to-toe... | Published: 03/11/14 How to survive or prevent an attack Yes, it's that season again, when magpies swoop and cyclists are skittish.

The Age's Lawrence Money reports in The Age: In the 1960's he... | Published: 15/07/13 The Rise of the foodie biker By Richard Cornish - The Saturday Age (5/2/11) - Life & Style "People want secluded tree lined escapes.

And they want decent food and coffee at the end of the ride"...

Jones said her mother told her last week that she wouldn't be home for a few weeks because someone stole her ID - the same ID that was flashed on TV screens last night with the picture of Mansfield wearing a hijab and headscarf.

Daughter Triana Jones sobbed today as she defended her mother and condemned those responsible for the pictures: 'The first time I saw them I had to look again because I didn't even recognize her.

I had to look again' The allegations came as the daughter of the American woman who was gunned down in a street in Syria, accused of being part of an al-Qaeda influenced group, said her mother is not a terrorist and only went there to help the Syrians.

Those looking for love in Manchester will find themselves spoilt for choice, with venues like Tiger Tiger and Pitcher and Piano holding regular speed dating nights for age groups including 22-34, 26-38 and 30-42.

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