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Daytime dating can often add an informal air to a first meeting.

Outdoor settings are especially good at creating a calm, relaxed dating space; why not pack a little picnic and head to Art Gallery of Western Australia, where the award-winning works are sure to be a great conversation starters. Be proactive about your love life and register today with ELITESINGLES.

Last year I was blogging about my own internet dating experience and let you […] Read More Running a dating business I have heard a lot of talk of deal breakers and how important they are.

What is a deal breaker – it is something that INSTANLY stops you from dating them EVER!

Some beliefs serve […] Read More What do you think about this statement: ‘How I think affects how I act’? Especially in the age of internet dating and Tinder.I talked about how our thoughts end up becoming our beliefs. A belief is a thought that you listen to over and over again.That a belief is a thought that you listen to over and over again. You listen to […] Read More Married people often tell me how much fun being single would be, I even remember thinking the same thing when I was married.The Perth dating scene has been through some pretty changes in the past decade.The mining boom has brought an influx of new residents into the city, with the heart of Perth doubling its population in the last 8 years.

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