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In short, the Rafaels were running a business — a business built around slavery.The suffering and the scams only came to an end when one of their victims escaped and went to the police.

But what makes it so much harder to stomach is the fact that it was made possible by the EU’s freedom of movement rules and further facilitated by the British state.

We are located on Station road, overlooking the bus stops opposite Touchwood in Solihull town centre.

Among the last remaining long-term residents of their inner-city street, the comings and goings at the rented mid-terrace Edwardian house raised an eyebrow or two.

Because once the three generations of the Rafael family had arrived in this country, they set about abusing the welcome they had been offered in pretty much every way possible.

They applied for — and were granted — benefits not just for themselves but for their victims, too.

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