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No one told her to do this, she did it out of her own sense of creative feelings.

You would NEVER get this kind of sentiment from a Western woman.

And because they are more down to earth, conversations tend to flow much more naturally and smoothly.

Throughout most of my single life, I've always had an attraction to foreign women and spent most of my life dating foreign born woman.The "bitch shield" on women pretty much only exists in ?I randomly got chatting to a Filipina on yahoo today.From my experiences, (with some exception to small town country woman) , I have found foreign women to be more humble, more natural, more genuine, more authentic, more down to earth, more appreciative, and more accommodating, and especially Unfortunately, we all tend to have a strong subconscious assumption that for the most part, besides speaking a different language and having different customs, that women?s basic behaviours and attitudes are pretty much the same the world over.

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