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Preparation time can't look the same for that, but only having to preach one text a week gives me the liberty and the opportunity to spend between 20 and 25 hours—sometimes less, sometimes more—in the text during the week. (PS: We would like to know how many of Ed Stetzer church plants survived….It's a little hard to get that number…) Stetzer wrote an article for Christianity Today about Platt's new position.(I first learned of it from SBC This Week.) Based on social media, not everyone is excited about it. Platt and his team are also reorganizing the board and the IMB is going through significant change.Mc Lean Bible Church, originally nondenominational, is a recent member of the Southern Baptist Convention.He said "Bill, this is Christ's body, broken for you." I have NEVER had anyone do that in communion before.He actually knew my name and used it." My husband had tears in his eyes.Mc Lean Bible Church was obviously looking for a high profile name to be their teaching pastor. According to SBC This Week he is only going to teach (give sermons) and will not do anything else in the church.Catching a celebrity pastor is the latest craze amongst growing churches with money an whoe leadership is seeking prestige. He also is not going to get a salary for this new position.

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He also said that my observations of being a church member in a number of churches would be helpful to pastors as well.This leaves the door wide open for our congregation to see areas of leadership where they are needed, and to respond accordingly." ….Now, maybe I have a stake in this because I’ve been walking this kind of bridge for years, although not while leading the world’s largest protestant, denominational missions agency. The idea that the person doing the preaching must be the same person doing the ministering is really born of later parish systems, not the New Testament text. They will know him just as well as his church will know him which is not at all. I visited his church a number of times when my kids were in college in Birmingham.In David Platt to Be a Teaching Pastor—Is it a Bridge Too Far for the IMB President?Before we get into this post, let's take a look back at the views that Ed Stetzer had about his former pastoral role in churches.

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