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The R&B songstress admitted she got really depressed while she was dealing with her former boyfriend.

And to keep everyone out of her personal life, she made the excuse that music wasn't fun anymore to keep what was really going on under wraps.

Has the person disappeared, lost interest, or been held hostage? Similar to “ghosting,” the “slow fade” is when someone gradually drops out of a conversation with a date or prospective date.

Do a Runner: To “do a runner” is to run—specifically, away from your date. Meet Up: Once you’ve made a connection online, you will need to meet for the first time. This is like an icebreaker, where you go for your first drink and chat face-to-face.

You’ll recall, the eight-time Grammy nominated songstress tweeted back in 2011 that she was leaving the industry because “it wasn’t fun anymore”.

And this morning, she hit up “The Breakfast Club” to reveal the REAL reason she decided to leave the music industry. Jazmine released her third studio album yesterday after leaving the music scene almost four years ago.

And she has a brand new album for her triumphant return to the limelight.

Unlike on other apps, part of your Tastebuds profile is directed through your i Tunes library.

So, when you’re looking for potential matches, you can connect with people on that deep a level—whether you share a love for Mozart, The Beatles, or Taylor Swift! Some apps are even flexible enough to cover date costs.

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