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The front of the edifice consists of a board-room, clerks' rooms, relieving officers' rooms and waiting rooms. As part of the conversion to infirmary use, additional sanitary towers were added at the ends of the former children's blocks. The main row of homes still survives and the buildings now serve a variety of uses.

And on each side is a lodge — the one being designed as a receiving-room for male paupers, and the other for females. The H-shaped main block was three storeys high and, as reported by the Hull Advertiser, had the Master and Matron's quarters at the centre, with male and female wings to each side. Sculcoates infirmary blocks from the north-west, 2001. Sculcoates St Hilda Street entrance and school/infirmary block from the north, 2001. The workhouse later became the Beverley Road Institution and, after 1948, Kingston General Hospital.

Sculcoates workhouse was built at a site on the east side of the Beverley Road and could accommodate 500 inmates. The original building comprised a front range, a main block, and small infirmary.

An 1844 account in the Hull Advertiser described it as follows: Not many passengers along the Beverley-road would imagine that the beautiful and immense structure which is in course of erection, on ground just beyond the town, is intended for the reception of paupers.

In the centre of the immense building are the rooms appropriated to the governor, the matron, etc.

On each side of these rooms (on the ground floor) are the day-rooms for the male and female paupers of every class.

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The children lived in "family" groups of fifteen to twenty per home, each under the supervision of a house-mother. The main row of homes comprised two styles of house — three pairs of semi-detached house constructed in yellow brick, alternating with two smaller detached red-brick houses.

The homes were located at the north side of the Hull Road in Sculcoates.

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