Tammy trent dating again intimidating personality traits

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I immediately dashed off to the library to get this book and was wrapped up in it. (It usually takes me FOREVER to read a book)Such a beautiful story of faith, love, and hope.When she didn’t know where Trent was but knew something awful had happened, she did what she was always trained to do.Trent liked to scuba dive so he and Tammy went for a dive in a ceyote. Tammy's story of waiting for him, the panic and ultimate realization that he isn't coming back, is heartbreaking.When his body is found the next day, Tammy tries to fly back home, but the date is September 11, 2001.there always comes a time when your mind won’t know what to do but your body does. I read this book many years ago and decided to pull it out and read it again. Really beautiful story of how she met the love of her life, got married, lost him, and rejoices now that he is a part of her future. If you need something uplifting, check this one out!! It shows that no matter what happens you can get through anything with God. The heartache this woman has gone thru and the faith she had to help her thru the days to come was very powerful. Tammy gives a beautiful tribute to her amazing husband Trent and shares her unwaivering faith in God. She talked only a little of taking time off from her career (which most of us can't go) and spending time with those closest to her. She talked only a little of taking time off from her career (which most of us can't go) and spending time with those closest to her. While I don't normally read this kind of book, the story of her experience was so fascinating. Abandoned by her father, she desperately yearned for affection from her stepfather but he was often cold and distant and her mother just didn't seem to care.

A DEVASTING TRAGEDYAfter just celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary, the couple was on a much-needed getaway.

“My plan changed in a moment’s time and I never saw it coming,” she admits.

“But as hard as it is to say some days, I know God’s plan has never changed for my life.” A NEW PATHThough the pain of losing her husband may take a lifetime to heal, Tammy has not let the tragedy destroy her.

While much of the story focuses on Tammy's career as a gsopel star and Trent's job as her manager, the real strength of the book was for was seeing how she endured in the light of which seems so unendurable. I can’t believe I haven’t put this on my list yet!!!

I think around 2003 Tammy Trent came to our church and gave us her testimony.

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